Plex Native Support

Very excited about the announcement that Plex native support is being worked on.
How exactly will this be implemented? will it act in a similar way to any other Plex app but run on steroids?
Thanks in advance.

We’ve just started investigating this, and will have more details as time goes on.

Stay tuned!

That solution (infuse as a player and Plex as server) would be the best from both worlds.

Please make it happen :slight_smile: !!!

Actually, not having to have a dedicated media server running is best for some of us. That’s the main reason I deleted all of my plex items is that Infuse did it all by itself without having additional software on another mac running 24/7.

Plex integration has zero benefit for me.


I’m using infuse just for my HDR 4k movies by now by selecting these folder separately cause infuse plays it better than plex.

All the other stuff is perfectly shown with the plex app and running and smoothley.

Perhaps off topic: How can I add tv shows to infuse that it will be shown as tv shows?
Tried to add the TV folder from itunes and infuse started to add it as movies ?!?!

In Plex it is simple cause it just works :slight_smile:

Not to go too off topic, but you may check to ensure you’re using one of our supported naming styles described here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Supremely excited to see Plex integration with Infuse! Infuse’s strength is in the playback while Plex server media management is second to none. Combining the two will be the best of both worlds!

Looking forward to this a lot as I’m hoping the Infuse ATV app will work SOOOO much better than Plex’s native ATV app given it will be able to direct play pretty much anything.

Totally useless for me too.
Since I moved from plex to infuse, my Mac is off most of the week while I had to start it each time I wanted to see a show / movie.
I do not understand that request. If you want to use Plex, then…use Plex !

Go to the Plex forums and see how many people want it!

If you only watch on one device as one person then of course you can’t see the use case. Plex comes into its own when you have multiple devices, users and locations…you can access your library from anywhere, stream to anything and anyone! All synced together so you can continue where you left off.

It’s only Achille’s heel is that they use the built in Apple Video player which is limited in the formats that it can play on the apple TV. That’s where Infuse’s far superior codec and format support comes in handy.

There is a HUGE number of Plex users that would jump on this…Just check out the Plex forums to see how many have been crying out for better video playback for several years now…I would hazard to guess the potential users from this might even outnumber all the current Infuse users!

Huuummm… ok, but in that case wouldn’t it be much better to request Plex to improve their reader ?
Especially due to the fact that infuse runs only on iDevices when Plex is supposed to be running on many more platforms ?
What is asked here is like if you were requesting audi to fix a problem on your bmw engine…

I think that is the problem with Plex, trying to do so many things on so many platforms that they ended doing them badely. Just hope this won’t be the road Infuse will take…

Part of the Plex philosophy is that the server transcodes to whatever the client can play natively. I very much doubt we’ll ever see a custom Plex player on Apple TV, so I’m very excited for Infuse integration. Aside from metadata and content state syncing, Plex is great for remote streaming as it handles bandwidth restrictions and transcoding very well. But when I’m at home I want absolute original quality, and that’s where Infuse shines. Bringing the two together will be the best of both worlds.

Infuse is a company and the Goal is revenue.

So if you have the chance to get more customer paying for the app you should do it.
And there are many Plex customer…

There is a Plex app for Apple TV.

There is a Plex app for Apple TV.

Sorry, you know nothing Jon Snow :slight_smile: .

The Plex app uses the Apple core…infuse plays for itself. That’s the goal

MrMC supports both Plex and Emby!

Yes, but the UI is bad, handling not so good and HDR doesn’t work for me either.

So, I’m off here, cause I just wanted to say to James: “I’m happy if you would support Plex in a stronger way” and thanks if you would do that for many Plex users out there.

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I was happy until I found out I couldn’t direct play 4K movies in Infuse when logging in to my Plex account. My workaround for now is to use Infuse and manually selecting the Plex DLNA server.

4K playback works fine here. What problems do you have?

4K HDR direct play works great, the whole purpose of Infuse + Plex.
Plex integration is great for those with large libraries syncing across numerous Infuse clients in a house hold
If you dont like it, dont use it, pretty easy.

If you have only one infuse client in the house, this feature may not seem all that appealing.