Plex,NAS or both

I have a large collection of movies and have set them up in
Plex and infuse because plex cannot play every format. Now that Infuse has Plex integration I’m strugeling how to set things up.
When i use Plex integration i think i’m missing the movies that plex cannot play like .iso files. When i use my NAS i cannot use the remote functionallity of Plex.
When i use both in my library would i see every movie twice? What would be the best way to set this up?

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Yes, unfortunately Plex does not currently support ISO or IMG files.

In your case, what you may do is keep your Plex connection set up, and then place all your ISO files into a single folder. This would allow you to add an extra share/favorite in Infuse for just this folder so you can avoid duplicate content from appearing in Infuse. All files would be grouped neatly together in Infuse’s Library, and you would be hard-pressed to know the files were being streamed from different locations.

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Thanks for the reply, James. I have the same problem as the OP and, while it might be nice that Plex and Infuse mostly display different posters for all the movies, it really isn’t an optimal situation. I suspected the solution was something similar, but hadn’t had the time to sort it out.


Thanks James, i’m going to try that out.

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