Plex multiple libraries support?

Trying to find out if there’s a way to access remote Plex libraries from Infuse.
I share my Plex library with friends and they share theirs with me. From Plex Media Server and the Plex player apps I can search across all libraries and play seamlessly. I can also browser each library individually.
Is that possible from Infuse? If so, how would I go about to set it up?

If it’s not possible, any plans on supporting it?


Yes, this should be available in the current version.

You can add multiple Plex servers by using the Connect to Plex option. Once added, the files will be automatically indexed into Infuse’s library, or you can add a Favorite for specific libraries that would appear on the Infuse home screen.

Additionally, the ability to manage which Plex libraries are included in Infuse’s library will be available in the next update.


i have several plex servers… is there any ability to simples choose one server…

for example… if i choose a specific server… i would only see that library… i dont want to see all the librarys in the main screen… i wanna choose just a server at a time…


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Is this actually working? Should it be possible to add a friends server in infuse and than be able to switch between my own and theirs in infuse?

If it does work can someone do a screen recording or write a tutorial?

Best regards Kribban

When connecting to your Plex account, you will have some options as to what you can browse and what Infuse includes in its library.

After connecting to Plex, you will see a list of Plex libraries. You can add one or more of these as a favorite, which will place a direct link to it on the Infuse home screen.

Additionally, you can add or exclude certain libraries from being included in Infuse’s library through the Settings > Libraries menu.