Plex Movies with Multiple Files, etc

Hi there – I’m a newbie when it comes to Infuse 6 Pro and I’m giving it a try with my setup as I’ve been frustrated with the Plex App on Apple TV.

I am running Plex Media server from my Mac (Big Sur), have Apple TV’s set up at home, and am on a gigabit wired network. My video files are mainly DVD’s converted to .mkv with Dolby Digital surround sound.

First off I must say that the playback is slick, quick, and hasn’t messed up at all … something that I can’t say about the Plex app.

A couple of titles that I checked are ones where the movie is split into two files. Example is the 1939 Buck Rogers serial. The files are listed as Buck Rogers (1939) - Part 1, and Buck Rogers (1939) - Part 2. Both are around 2 hours long. When played using the Plex app Buck Rogers shows up as one movie, is listed at 4 hours in length, and when played the progress bar shows 2 hours (Part 1), and then once that finishes it plays Part 2, another two hours on the progress bar.

Using the Infuse app it’s the exact same scenario except when Part 1 finishes it doesn’t play Part 2 – instead it goes to the next movie in line … any recommendations on making these types of titles work? I only have a few in my massive collection so no biggie but wondering how to fix this… (I did connect Infuse directly to my collection on my Mac and the Buck Rogers serial shows up as two movies and will play one after the other. I’ve decided to test using the Plex Server for now as there are several issues with how Infuse sees my collection and it’s structure)

Another thing I noticed right off is that the progress bar seemingly can’t be “double tapped” to give the current time and time of completion of the movie … unlike most other video players on Apple TV … unless I am missing something in the settings.

Anyway I love what I see so far and am most likely going to buy a lifetime subscription.

Thanks for you help in advance,


Unfortunately, multi-part movies aren’t supported at the moment. There is a thread in the suggestions area for this which you can follow.

Also, you can look at combining these two files in a single file. Plex has a guide for doing this here.

With regard to progress bar time, this is something we hope to add in the future. You can follow this thread.

Hi James! Thanks for the reply.

I checked out MKVToolNix and combined those MKV’s and we’re in business!

Progress bar has been asked for check…

The other thing I’m wondering is if I directly add my video library to Infuse at my home (not through Plex) am I able to access my videos when I am away from home? And am I able to share my library with people of my choosing? (like I do whilst running the Plex Media Server)


Great! :smiley:

This would be dependent on your network and device setup. Many NAS models have built-in remote streaming features which allow this to be enabled. Assuming this is turned on, Infuse should be able to connect remotely if needed.

We have a guide with some pretty basic info on this here.

I’d just like to say that I’m now an Infuse PRO lifer after only 3 days lol.

For now I’m using Infuse as my local player for Plex … I’ll dable in a direct relationship using my NAS some time in the future. I can’t get over just how stable playback is compared to the Plex app … I was even having issues with subtitles as many of my movies have been trimmed in the beginning…setting an offset of 30-40 seconds in Plex was a disaster. With Infuse … didn’t even break a sweat!