Plex: Missing subtitles & other questions

I made the move to Apple TV yesterday as Infuse would eliminate all the gripes I had with an Apple TV as a Plex client (Transcoding & Sound Passthrough).
While testing Plex and Infuse, I noticed that Infuse does not show the same subtitles as Plex. When I open the movie in Plex, I have subititles available, when I open in Infuse, I don’t have any.

I have two questions regarding this:

  1. Is this a known issue or do I need to do anything else to make them available?
  2. Luckily, Infuse allowed me to easily download a subtitle myself. However, this was not stored (the next time I opened the movie, it was gone again). Is this normal? If it should save it, would it save it accross devices?

Then I do have another issue with the library display in general of Infuse. It does not show titles. I want Infuse to show the title in the library and not just the artwort. I also do not want that it shows the filename - that’s what I have a Plex library for, to show proper titles with the correct sort order. Right now, I have to wait until the image is loaded (which can take quite some time on iOS, which is especially frustrating on slow connections. There is no way to make a selection in the library without the artwork. In addition, it’s really hard to browse as I do not know all artworks by heart. There might be a movie where the title is barely readable and skimming through the library is really difficult. Switching to the list view really isn’t an option because this shows the absolute path of the file (I can barely see the title).
So - is there an option to display titles in the library to make browsing easier? For me, this a huge issue at the moment, especially with the iOS app.

Thanks for your support & hard work!

PS: I selected the tvOS subfolder, but it should apply to both tvOS and iOS.

Welcome to the forum!

Is this subtitles issue affecting all your files, or just a few? Were the subtitles added to Plex after connecting with Infuse? Does selecting the ‘Refresh’ option in Infuse have any impact?

One option on iOS which may help in your case would be to switch to List View, as this will display text and artwork. You can switch between views by using the button that appears in the top right corner while browsing.