Plex media server library and playlist problems

This is regarding Infuse OSX and Iphone.

I stream from Mega and that works fine but I have som problems with the database when it comes to movies on the Plex media server (not local).

The movies from the Plex media server shows up in “recently added” and they show up when I search for them by title just as the ones from Mega.

But unfortunately when searching by director these movies shows up in different separates folders with the directors name (but no picture) and the movies from Mega is the ”main director folder” with a picture of the director.

And also I cannot add the movies on the Plex media server to the same playlists as the movies on Mega.

I have tried to refresh the library a couple of times, and installed the Plex server again; but it’s still doesn’t work.

Any solution for this?