Plex Media Server as Infuse Library

I am using PMS as the share to use Infuse on tvOS. I have added it as a favourite in the Library. However it just scans and scans and the Library still shows as no items. Is there something else to do to add PMS library into Infuse ?

I am using the latest version Infuse 4

One thing to check is that DLNA is enabled in Plex.

More info on doing this can be found here.

Thanks I had to switch metadata fetching off to make it work. I am a Plex user considering come to Infuse and much prefer the way Infuse works but the library is the hurdle. I can’t seem to make it display in a user friendly manner. It also seems to fetch metadata each time it is used or something. Are there any library improvements in Infuse 5 and is there is a beta that I can try.