Plex Media Library integration with Infuse

All, relatively new to Infuse, but an old user of aTV Flash for my first generation AppleTV. I am in the process of upgrading my 4th generation AppleTV to the 4K ATV, and re-considering my media player of choice. Up until now I’ve been using my XBox One S with the native Plex app due to it supporting superior audio codecs than the Plex ATV app. Am I correct in assuming that I can link Infuse to my Plex library and have it pass through both video and audio untouched, while retaining all the Plex metadata that I’ve built up over the years (a number of home videos that I’ve attached customer art and descriptions to). Would like DTS support for my Denon amp to handle. Does anything need to be done on my Plex server or Infuse app to support this? Plex server is a 2017 iMac.

Thank you

Infuse currently accesses Plex videos via DLNA, and will be able to play the videos in their full native audio/video resolution. The only thing you’ll need to do is ensure DLNA is enabled on your Plex server as descried here.

Also, native Plex support is something we are hoping to look into for an upcoming version. There is thread in the suggestions section with a number of others interested in this as well. :wink:

Thanks for the reply, what would the native player give me that the DLNA option would give me?


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