Plex library questions

I never see Collections for my other 2 Libraries from Plex.
I have 3 libraries. Movies, TV Shows and Anime.

Firstly, Infuse joins the TV Show and Anime library together and there seems to be no way for me to separate them.

Secondly, there are no collections showing up for TV Shows despite the fact that through PMM I have a lot of collections for TV Shows and Anime in Plex.

Movie one comes still.

Are these collections visible in the Plex web UI?

Infuse will group content from multiple sources together in the Library. If you prefer to browse them separately, you can do so via a direct Plex favorite. You can then also exclude content from the Library by adjusting the Settings > Library page.

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Thanks for the quick reply @james!

Bit confused here, on tvOS I have the library section show “Movies” “Anime” “TVShows” and “Other” all 4 coming from Plex which I have checked on. Could you tell me what you meant by “direct plex favorite”?

and thanks! did not know collections are limited on that aspect.


Adding favorites can be done by navigating to Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorite. This will appear on the Home Screen.

With regard to missing collections, I guess it’s because these are not movies. Best to follow that thread for other collection types in Plex.

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Got it that was it for seeing Anime! thank you, I will follow other developments in their relevant threads.

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