Plex library play back

Hi people,

What an awesome app!!!
I have been using plex for while and just started using Infuse.
I tried to add my plex server to the application which went perfect but each time I hit play I get “an error occured”.
Has anyone had this issue?

I have Infuse installed on aTV and iPad bothe running ios 10.
The plex server is running on a Synology DS 716+


I recently experience the exact same problem and i havent found out why it started happening, but it seems like the Plex Media server on the Synology NAS stops showing up as discoverable.

I have upgraded to the latest version of Plex on the Synology, but it didnt seem to help. Sometimes when i reboot the NAS it works for a short wihle, but apparantly stops working again. Im not sure whether the problem is the Plex media server, infuse or the NAS.