Plex Library in dashboard

I connected Plex and it works great in Infuse, however on the main dashboard, there are options to rejig the home screen. I see recently added movies but recently added TV is missing. Any idea how we can add this?


Do you have the “TV Shows - Recently Added” list on your home screen?

If not and you’re asking how to get it there you click on the Library Favorite, click on TV Shows, long press on “Recently Added” and select Add List" unless you already have it as a favorite instead and then you have to “Remove Favorite” first then “Add List”

You mean in my Plex home screen> Yes I do. But it doesnt appear in Infuse

No I meant in Infuse.
The instructions were if you wanted to add it to the Infuse home screen.

Not there at all and it doesnt show in the top where you can add and delete in Home screen

I will try your suggestion

Ok from Fav long press TV show does not have the option to add recently added.


By default there was recently added movies but would like to also show recently added TV. How do I get the recently added TV like in the pic?

You have to start at the “Library” favorite then follow the directions above.

The instructions are located here in the users guide

Got it. Thanks a lot for your help

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