Plex libraries - what am I doing wrong?


My media is organized in folders on my NAS by type (Movies, TV Shows, Home Videos, Pictures, Music).
I set separate libraries in Plex for each folder and set the right content type.
in the Plex app for Apple TV, I can see and browse each library separately. However, in Infuse, all videos from my ‘Home Videos’ library are included in the ‘Movies’ section.
Some questions-

  1. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to access the libraries directly, or set them as favorites?
  2. Can I browse by folder? (my home videos folder has sub-folders and I would like to be able to watch them grouped together)
  3. Is it possible to select a video to play and have the next video play automatically? I know there is a settings option for that, but I don’t want this behavior all the time, rather on a per case scenario.

Thanks again for a great app!

Hmm, is this happening for all your home videos or just a few?

Right now Infuse will only group videos into the Movies (and TV Shows) section if they have been matched with an online database entry through Plex. We are working to add support for include videos in these libraries that have manual or embedded metadata, but this is not yet available.

One thing to check in Plex to view the Edit Library > Advanced settings, and ensure you are using the option for Personal Media and not one of the movie databases.

Hi James,
Thanks for replying,
I can’t tell if all my home videos are included in the ‘Movies’ section or just some of them, as I have many videos.
In Plex, the ‘Home Videos’ library was set up correctly (I think) with the scanner being ‘Plex video files scanner’ and the agent as ‘Personal Media’.
Any other idea?