Plex Libraries - Slow to update

Thank you for the reply.

However I am running both beta tvos 13 and beta of infuse for Apple TV and there is no real improvements in regards to this. Libraries take an eternity to load. I think the solution would be to disable indexing of the infuse app for remote Plex libraries. Just load the Plex metadata like the native app. Which is super quick

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Plex uses a simple REST API to keep everything up to date… has links… Infuse uses some of those already I suppose… also has some XML ready to go…

@James , what are the chances of telling Infuse to update all Plex folders/libraries based on PMS data, and then using normal scans for SMB/xxx if needed afterwards? This would allow those only using PMS to get immediate updates, and for those using PMS and other shares, to have their PMS folders updated immediately while the rest is done then via the normal processes?


Yes please make infuse work like plex app and mrmc for plex libraries. The current situation is ridiculous. Super slow and crazy metadata cache


This is getting my top spot in my Christmas wishlist :wink:

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I am joining in the hope this can be resolved. Been waiting 20 minutes for my phone to update the library. Not very practical at all.

UPDATE: My phone never stopped indexing. I checked to see how much storage was being used and it was over 5GB, with no downloads! I disconnected Plex, then deleted the app. I’ll re-install later and not bother with the Plex integration. I am on version 6.2.

Another very irksome thing about this that I’ve noticed recently is that it ignores custom sort orders. I don’t like how some shows will show up as Marvel’s this or BBC’s that. I have custom sort orders on the PMS that Infuse ignores/doesn’t read, so shows can show up out of order.

I also order movies alphabetically, but use numbers to put movies in chronological order. For example, the Harry Potter movies - getting to “Harry Potter” is alphabetical, but then I have “Harry Potter - ##” as the sort order so as to see them in order. Again, Infuse ignores this.

Instead of dealing with people complaining and coming up with a bunch of inefficient workarounds that create workloads for programmers, why not simply read the PMS index for Plex sources? This continues to baffle me.

If you are seeing this in 6.2, can you send in a fresh report right after the next ‘long’ indexing occurs?

You can just post the 5 digit code here, and don’t need to send a separate email.


FYI, we’ve found a lead which we believe will help speed things up.

Working to have this available in the upcoming 6.2.2 release.

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James, i‘ve bought a lifetime license, and i love your app - but please fix this annoying plex issue!

We have a number of changes in this area available in the current beta version.

We’d love to get some feedback here, so if you are interested in giving this version a try please let me know.


I’d love to try it out… :slight_smile:

Yes, I would be interested in trying that.

Invites sent.

And me please! It says I’m a beta tester but I don’t have the beta version.

I’m interested too. Thanks!


Did some of these Plex library sync optimizations make their way into the recent 6.2.1 release? Just curious because I’m noticing a massive improvement in sync time on all my (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV) devices. Very happy.

6.2.1 includes some general syncing improvements, which apply to both Plex and non-Plex.

Glad to hear things are working well for you. :slight_smile:

Beta is definitely quicker. Marking played on a show in Plex app then immediately switching to Infuse and clicking refresh and it updates quickly.

BUT, my main want would be to not have to click refresh at all just like in plex. Is that possible?

I would love to get the beta version. Thank you.