Plex Libraries - Slow to update

Sorry for the trouble.

This thread has been around awhile, and we have worked to add a number of improvements which have helped many people who are using Infuse with Plex.

There are still a few things we have on our radar, and are hoping to roll out additional improvements in upcoming releases.

Isn‘t it possible to just use the same system plex uses on their native app? I‘m pretty sure that would solve almost all our problems…

It’s not quite that simple, but we’re working on two things which we think will help quite a bit…especially those with larger collections. :slight_smile:

Quick update.

The upcoming 6.3.2 update includes a change that should prevent Infuse from having to re-index Plex TV shows in some cases. We believe this may have a fairly sizable impact for those with large TV show libraries.

6.3.2 was submitted to Apple earlier today, and should be available on the App Store within the next few days.

Is that for the beta or standard?

6.3.2 should be available publicly next week.

It also has a few other changes which are listed here.

Have these issues been addressed in the betas? I found it was better but for some reason I do t ha e access to the betas anymore. Can I be reinvite?

6.3.2 is now rolling out on the App Store.

Last day before my subscription runs out, I decided to give it another try.

First incremental update (since I gave up) took ~1h 15m (didn’t time it 100%).

Second incremental update took 13m 22s (4 hours later). Not sure how many items it added, I should have noted it down. It said downloading 210 artwork items at the end.

So while it’s definitely a significant improvement over the previous multi-hour update times, I don’t think it quite hits the mark yet.

Third incremental update took 11m 15s (after watching 3 episodes of a TV show). It said downloading 32x artwork items at the end.

Just a little info that may be part of the slowness. thetvdb is having problems are are working on it. It’s been affecting things for a few days now.

Will post updates as I get them here Metadata issues for tv shows slowness/not found please read

Doesn’t Infuse reuse the metadata which Plex already has? At least for me, thumbnails, summary, season poster etc is the exact same as in Plex.

I understood your post to be about the slowness after adding files. Was just offering one possibility of why. I don’t use Plex but if thetvdb is slow then the fetching would be slower for any app that gets it’s info there. Again, just adding to the possible factors. :wink:

I gave the latest beta a go just to see if my issues that I first raised that started this post are any better.

Honestly, I still don’t get it, why isn’t it infuse representative of what is seen in plex? When I mark something watched in infuse, plex updates quite quick but the other way round, there’s no instant update. If you’re connecting to plex as a client, why doesn’t the library have the same instant update as plex itself?

The admins here keep saying it’s getting better but the core issue doesn’t seem to be any different, using it in a mixed plex and infuse environment is just not possible. It’s so annoying.

Thanks for the feedback.

The upcoming 6.3.3 update will include another change that will allow you to disable image pre-caching. Pre-caching is nice since it allows for more robust offline use, but in some cases it can slow things down, especially for larger libraries.

With pre-caching disabled, Infuse would load posters only when needed, more like how the Plex app works.

I’ve noticed a massive improvement with version 6.3.2. It takes like a minute at most and then the library is all caught up with the regular plex app.

If you make a change in plex does it change automatically in infuse? Without have to do anything?

No idea, I don’t watch stuff anywhere other than in Infuse. It’s just refreshing the library that has been the problem for me and that is good enough now. There are some audio/video combinations not even the new player if you’ve got a Plex pass will do properly so have to use Infuse.

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I’m still waiting on a beta invite. I requested earlier this week and got nothing.

6.3.3 was just approved, and is now available on the App Store.

Plex shares will no longer pre-cache images by default, but you can re-enable this option under the Advanced section of the share’s settings.

I still have an issue with the slowness of updating. The first scan took 18 hours and now with only a few new items, it takes 6 minutes. I tried to add another library but it never finishes. Any idea when this issue with be resolved?