Plex, Jellyfin etc

They added compatibility Plex and recently jellyfin.

But both are servers have already scanned the caratules and information from the films and series.

Infuse should be connected as a client, since scan work has already done it.

But when it connects to Plex or jellyfin infuse, it scans everything again!

I see it bad and more in big libraries like mine.

I should just show what Plex or Jellyfin already scanned.

I took it out because it’s no use since Infuse reads my library and takes a long time and the choice to connect to Plex or Jellyfin was a good choice.

But you can scan everything again, or you’re doing the same thing.

When using Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin, Infuse will scan through your server and utilize the metadata and artwork that is stored there.

Infuse’s library design requires the textual metadata to be cached locally on your device, but this process is relatively quick. By default, artwork is download on demand while browsing, but you can enable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option in the share settings if you prefer Infuse to download it all ahead of time. This isn’t recommended for large servers though.

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