PLEX issues

Has anyone been able to get PLEX running Video plug-ins like CNN, Comedy Central, Hulu, et cetera on the Apple TV 2 yet? After much research, it seems I’m still ahead of the curve here. I installed PLEX solely for the purpose of being able to stream content from these sites (I won’t lie… I want my South Park).

Just seeing if anyone has found success here yet, or if anyone is working on it.

I am having the same problem since installing PLEX for Windows on a WHS PC.  It will stream some of the contents from video plugins like CBC with rebuffering, but most of it is shown as unavailable.  If I go to a site such as CNET which is available both through a PLEX plugin and natively via the ATV2 podcasts, the latter streams everything perfectly while the PLEX server/client is basically unwatchable with buffering every few seconds.  I have a PLEX server/client installed on a Macmini running OSX  and I have to say that even on an Apple machine that it has been expressly designed for the experience with video plugins is the same as with the ATV2 though not quite so severe.  And, yes, I have tried the PLEX server running on the Macmini both under OSX and Windows 7 to the ATV2 client with no improvement in performance.  I am getting to the point of giving up on on PLEX.  A pretty interface does not make up for the lousy performance!!

I’ve had limited success though more success on the ATV2 than on the Roku. I think you’ll find a lot more help with this on Plex’s forums. They have ideas to help get things working: Good luck!