Plex issue with unwatched TV shows

I have started using the new Plex support in the latest update. I love it. An issue I find is:
In Plex I have 2 library’s for TV shows. TV shows and Kids TV shows. In Infuse on the main page it only shows the kids TV shows in the unwatched TV shows section. How can I get it to display both?

Same issue on iOS app too. If I remove the Kids TV Shows library in Plex then the TV Shows library the shows up fine in Infuse. It seems there are issues if you have two tv show library’s. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with Movies though.

Anyone know how to get Infuse to display Unwatched TV Shows from 2 Plex libraries? Currently I am stuck with only being able to add one of my Plex TV Show libraries as I don’t want to mix them both as one is specifically for the kids.

Welcome to the forum!

Are you able to see the shows from the 2nd library if you browse through the Library > TV Shows section in Infuse?

Ok so I removed the Library and added it again to test this and now it works. Not sure what was happening there. Thanks anyway.


Glad you’re back on track. :slight_smile:

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