Plex Integration to Infuse

My first posting…here goes.
I have seen a number of posts around the “Connect to Plex” option of Infuse. What I am struggling to find is technically how exactly that works. I have used Infuse for a long time but I have multiple Apple TV’s in my home connecting to a single server storing my media (hundreds of series/movies). I add new content weekly and I became frustrated having to sync my Infuse manually on every Apple TV to get the new content (and associated metadata) to show. Plex does the updates automatically so when I switch on any Apple TV…my latest content is just there. Hence I switched to Plex. However the latest Plex media player quite often causes my pictures to become jumpy and that is even more frustrating. No idea why. Ok, so enough blabbering so what am I asking. If I tell Infuse to connect to my plex server, what functionality in Infuse “overwrites” the same functionality that exists on the Plex server. Does Infuse ONLY use Plex as the source of metadata/library? Does the native media player inside Infuse still do the work? In essence, what will Plex do and what will Infuse do if it is connected to a Plex server. Also, will the auto updated metadata in Plex push through to Infuse automatically without me having to go and force a library sync?


Currently Infuse does all the player functions and just uses plex as a source. The changes made on plex should be picked up in Infuse. That’s the way I understand it at least. I don’t use plex myself.

Tx! I connect Infuse to Plex last night and it worked perfectly. Pulled in the thumbnails and metadata of nearly 6000 files in under 10 mins! Video played without an issue! Would love to see collections pulled into Infuse from Plex but I believe this will happen with Infuse V6. The one thing I would like to see is “On Deck” to show as a list but for now it seems I can only mark it as a favourite.

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You should be able to add On Deck as a list, but you’ll first need to remove the saved Favorite (categories can currently only be a favorite or a list, not both).

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