Plex Integration - refresh account credentials

So yesterday I had to change the password on my Plex account, which logged out all connected devices. This included Infuse, but it also made me notice some things about the Plex integration (which generally works very well, I‘ve been using it since it came out):

  • Infuse seems to have no way of knowing that there is an issue with the Plex account (specifically, that it‘s not actually signed in anymore) - everything looks normal on the surface
  • Trying to play something from the Plex server while Infuse is in this state will fail
  • Synching new changes from the Plex server while Infuse is in this state will lead to weird behaviour - it will actually see the new media but will categorize it as „Other“ and not group it together
  • Making superficial changes to the Media Server entry for Plex in Infuse will not try to refresh the account, even though it shows the account name it thinks it‘s using. The account is also a non-editable field and there is no button to change or refresh the account used
  • Trying to speed test the connection to the Plex Media Server while Infuse is in this state will immediately hard crash the app
  • The only way to fix this seems to be „Forget this share“ and then re-adding the Plex server, which will necessitate a complete sync and metadata download

So basically this boils down to two questions from me:

  1. Was there a different way to make things work again instead of removing the share and I just didn‘t notice?
  2. Is there a way for Infuse devs to handle a situation like this more gracefully in Infuse? Especially the app crash, but the whole half alive half dead state a Plex account issue induces in Infuse seems less than ideal

Changing your Plex password shouldn’t have an effect on the saved connection in Infuse, as this uses a secure token instead of your Plex username/password to connect.

Was there an option to remove all existing devices when changing your password? If so, then I guess this could explain it.

Anyways, to reconnect you can simply walk through the steps to ‘Connect to Plex’ in Infuse without having to removing the existing share. Doing this will allow Infuse to update the saved connection with the new details.

Yes, logging out existing devices was an option, it‘s an optional checkbox. I deliberately did that as a precaution because I got a weird account login warning from Plex.

Thanks for the answer, I didn‘t know I could have updated it that way, that seems non-obvious. Removing and re-adding the share wasn‘t too problematic either, I mainly made this topic to make you aware that there may be some unhandled edge cases with Plex accounts. I don‘t know if there is any way for Infuse to check whether the secure token has been invalidated so it can throw up a warning or offer to re-link, because the current zombie-like state that happens seems less than ideal.