Plex integration questions


First I would like to say that I LOVE Infuse. I have never had smooth playback in the Plex Client (IOS/Apple TV) and I was blown away by infuse.

My first question is related on how infuse fetches metadata from the Plex Server. In Plex I have a couple of libraries setup, which are fetched seamless to infuse. However several of the movies in my Plex libraries are moved to the “OTHER” library in Infuse.

So If all metadata is already there in the Plex Server and the Plex libraries are up to date, how come some of my movies are still moved to “OTHER”?

Second question is around multiple users. Will you, in a near future, add the possibility to fetch/connect to a certain user in the plex server? (Different users may have different libraries). Today it looks like you are allways connecting to the main user?


Not sure whether it is related, but I have 4 libraries and only 2 of them are displayed properly in infuse. Everything else is part of the others category…

Currently Infuse will properly categorize movies and TV shows which have been ‘matched’ in Plex.

Support for movies/shows that have manually entered metadata is coming soon in a future update.


But what I am saying is that Infuse does not properly categorize movies and TV shows which has been ‘matched’ in Plex. I have tested on AppleTV, iPad and IPhone and I always get 21 movies in the “OTHER” category.

In Plex everything is correctly sorted/matched. All movies have the correct metadata, etc, and the library is displayed correctly in Android, IOS, LG TV, Samsung TV, Windows, and Apple TV. (The Plex clients I am using).

Is there anything that I might be doing wrong?


It’s possible to have complete metadata, but not have a movie ‘matched’ with a listing from TMDb.

For fun, you may try walking through these steps to match one of the movies that is appear in Other to see if it makes a difference for you.

Yes you are right. The 21 movies had complete metadata but were unmatched. Thank you for your support!


We’ll be supporting complete but unmatched movies soon to avoid issues like this from appearing in the future.