Plex Integration option to hide libraries

Awesome work on the Plex integration! I have 1 request though, can an option to read the ‘Include In dashboard’ tick box on Plex libraries to only surface those titles in Infuse be added.

Infuse just shows everything and I want to keep my Plex dvr recordings hidden within the app.

If that’s not an option then maybe an option to only include particular Plex libraries.


Same issue here.

+1 for this old request. I have a couple folders that are not “Pinned” to my Plex home screen, nor do the files within them show up in recently added as per the Library options that I set when adding them to Plex. However, they show up in recently watched, large thumbnails, at the top of the Infuse screen, as well as on the Apple TV home screen when Infuse is the selected app. There should be a way for Infuse to respect the Library preferences and not include them in such prominence when they are not meant to be viewed on the home screen at all.