Plex integration improvement

Was happy to see the Plex integration. Still have a few questions and suggestions how it is done:

  1. The library view on IOS shows “movies” and “tvshows”. In Plex, I actually have two movie libraries (movies 2D and movies 3D). Infuse merges them into one library in the IOS library view and only allows me to view them separately via favorites. WOuld love both to be separated in the library view as well.

  2. Would love to hide “unwatched” in the library view. Also like the hide the “other” tab.

  3. Would love to see “by year” as browse category (instead of just “by release date”). This would allow me to only look at 2018 movies and add this to the favorite category.

  4. Similarly as 1, I am struggling a bit with the browse category overall. Does “by genre” include all movies or can I select only one of my two movie libraries? What about TV shows?

  5. Can I exclude some movie libraries? For example, I’d like to have movies-2D on my IOS devices, but include both movies-2D and movies-3D on TVOS.

  6. Multi-part movies don’t appear to be supported yet?

  7. Would be great to use the IOS not only as a way to play movies, but also to initiate starting movies on Infuse on ATV (like a “play-to” feature). Airplay can sortof do this, but not good for quality and would require me to keep my IOS device on. I am more thinking of reverting the Plex stream from the server to the TVOS. I have two ATV, so I would like an option to “play-to” either of the two of them or play locally on IOS.

Thanks in advance for considering! Would be great to see these improvements implemented!

  1. It seems to me that the “Plex integration” is more of a connection to the media share rather than a native integration to the Plex server. In your case with the 2D/3D movie libraries, Infuse just sees the movie files and not the separate libraries so it groups everything together. I agree that this should be fixed.

  2. Multi-part movies are not supported (confirmed with @james). I have the LOTR extended versions on my Plex server but Infuse only plays the first file. I’m really hoping this gets fixed soon since the native Plex app supports this. The main reason I use Infuse is to have DTS/DTS-HD audio pass-thru since ATV does not support that audio codec. I have no problem using my Shield TV, but I’m trying to stick with the Apple eco-system since that’s what I mostly have.

Agree with you. 6 is the most pressing. 1 would be great to see a fix, this currently really bugs me as I have duplicate 2D and 3D movies in the same view (although they are part of different libraries on PMS). While I don’t like the native Plex APP, it handles this aspect well.

This is in progress and you can follow this thread for updates.