Plex integration - Advantages

I’m interested to know those who use Plex as the back end, what is the main advantage or functionality that you do not get from direct file sharing from Infuse.

I think the metadata sharing would be huge. I am a plex pass user that just moved to infuse. Being able to add a sort name or change the cover art are things I took for granted in Plex. I will certainly be looking forward to the Plex integration when it gets rolled out.

I think using the Plex connection to stream data instead of SMB or NFS has helped with buffering tremendously. That protocol has been optimized for smooth playback.

The move is interesting and I am not saying that isn’t worthwhile. However, it seems that Infuse has abandoned focusing on its own library development and embraced Plex instead. Also one of the best features of Infuse was to not have server dependency to the level that Plex requires

I was just assuming that Infuse would keep its own library functionality and continue to develop that as well, and just have Plex as an option as well. Kind of like MrMC with its Plex access. Like I said I am new to the Infuse environment, but I don’t think it’s metadata collection is bad at all. I just like the control over it that Plex gives me. Also with my household having 4 iPhones, an iPad and 2 Apple TV’s, the central database is very nice to have. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to see how iCloud and trakt integration works to keep everything synced up, but I like what I am seeing so far.

As with any development, resources are limited. Going down the Plex path means diverting resources towards it and compromising other areas. It also encourages users to integrate Plex if they want better library management. And inherent is the possibility is that these users say that Plex works better for me overall and leave Infuse entirely.

I would have preferred those resources been used to directly improve Infuse instead.

Yes I can understand but I’m guessing for firecore this makes perfect economic sense for them for the long term because there are many Plex users that are fed up of the Plex app playback capabilities on ATV for years, and who are waiting for this and willing to come over to infuse for the direct playback but also use the excellent Plex server for library management, it’s the best of both worlds.

This move hopefully means more income for firecore and therefore more investment to put back into their company to improve infuse.

The Plex integration we’re working on for 5.7 is not meant to replace Infuse’s own Library or other features - but instead is aimed at building a bigger tent so people who use Plex are able to more seamlessly use Infuse with their current setup. In addition to that, Plex has some handy features with regard to remote streaming which we’re working to take advantage of, but at the end of the day you will be able to fully utilize all features of Infuse without having to use Plex.

Overall, our goal is to provide a consistent experience, whether you choose to stream from Plex, SMB, or Dropbox, and we have some great new UI and browsing features in progress for 5.7 which will be available to everyone.

Stay tuned! :wink:

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