Plex Infuse port forwarding TLS?

First of all thanks for the great update that gives us the possibility to use both great programs together.

I’ve installed plex server on my NAS synology and added a port forwarding which is differed from the internal port and tested it with infuse and appleTV, everything works great without any problems (it took me a while but it paid off)

I use https to acces my nas from outside, having my own DDNS domein makes that even easy’er + Let’s encrypt is great.

At the very moment i can’t connect the Plex server on a secure (https) protocol, so basically i use this https desktop it self or connect from LAN to setup my preferences.

First question, Does someone have a nice link how to set this up?

Second question, How secure is it to use the integrated plex setup from infuse on a port forwarded poort, does it use TLS security protocol at default? or do we need to setup some things to make it even more secure?

Thanks in advance.

When streaming through Infuse, you’ll be able to utilize the same secure connections as the normal Plex app.

If you want to ensure connections are always secure, you can change the ‘Secure Connections’ setting in Plex from ‘Preferred’ to ‘Required’. A bit more info on where to find this Setting, as well as some other security related info can be found here.