Plex + Infuse + BDMV

Recently I discovered that Plex could catalog and add BDMV folders to libraries with a special scanner from Plex (Scanning Disk Image Format Media | Plex Support). I was hoping to be able to use this feature to have Plex do the metadata lookup on my movies and then use Infuse as the player with all of plex’s great metadata abilities. When I tried this though instead of the movies showing up in Infuse only the numbered .m2ts files appeared. Is there a way to allow infuse to see these folders in Plex and then play them back? Unfortunately linking Infuse directly to the SMB share didn’t work. It detected 0 of the folders as movies and a bunch of “other” files. Files are named in a pattern for another program so I can’t just rename them. Is it possible to teach Infuse the pattern to look for?