Plex Infuse 5.7 Duplicate Content

So I’ve upgraded to Infuse 5.7 on iOS 11.3 and I’ve deleted all my meta data and shares so I have a clean empty library. I’ve managed to connect to my Plex account and Infuse starts to index all my movies and tv shows, however, Infuse is showing duplicate content for most of my movies and I have no idea why that might be.

Any pointers appreciated.

Hmm, sorry for the trouble.

Did you log into Plex using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option found in Settings > Add Files, or did you select the auto-detected share (which may have been detected via DLNA)?

Can you check to see if you only have one source selected in Settings > Library.

Also, maybe a silly question, but I assume these duplicates are not appearing in Plex? :slight_smile:

Hi James, yes I connected using the new Connect to Plex option and I’m not using the DNLA option.

I’ve attached some screenshots which may help show the problem. Interestingly the movie count in my Plex app is different to that in Infuse, plus in the Infuse app I only selected to include my movies folder and not my TV shows folder, which Infuse is showing in the count. And no, as you can see, the duplicates don’t show in the Plex app.


Hmm, interesting.

We’ve submitting a 5.7.1 update to Apple today which includes a number of fixes and improvements, so it’s possible this may help with your particular issue.

We expect this to be approved soon, and available on the App Store within the next few days - so keep an eye out for updates.

It happened to me as well, even doing a fresh install and only connecting via native Plex.

Then I discovered that somehow the (previous) SMB share was added automatically, I believe via iCloud syncing. I didn’t realised it immediately since the two servers have the same name (NAS name) so It just seemed a duplicate entry :confused:
As soon as I removed the SMB share from the saved shares, no more duplicates :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you are having the same “issue” :wink:

PS I’ll make sure to rename one of the two shares to avoid future confusion 8)

Hmm good shout, although I’ve tried all of that, cleared all my shares, meta data, restarted the app, then clicked on Plex Connect and then the only item showing in my saved shares after the Plex Connect is my share.

I’m not sure really, if I go directly to the shared folder I selected when attempting the Plex Connect e.g I select my Movies folder via Plex then everything is fine. It just shows duplicates when viewing via the library feature.

Maybe it is picking up the files from the Plex share and at the same time another share but I can’t seem to get it working. I will see if 5.7.1 makes any difference but from the sounds of it it may well be something my side

Okay so I’ve tried all sorts of things here but my conclusion so far is that for what ever reason Infuse doesn’t seem to respect my selection on the screen when choosing which folder to sync with from Plex. I’ve attached a further batch of screenshots to show this problem.

The content isn’t duplicating but it’s pulling in all my Plex content and not just my Movies (see the screen where it shows my favourites with the All Content label, shouldn’t this be Movies (Plex)?)


It will pull everything, like you’re seeing. What you’re doing in the first picture is just setting a favorite, not telling it what to limit Infuse to scan.

Ah okay, seems very misleading then when given the option(s) as presented.

Yes, this is a problem.

Under Library | the only option is to select or disable “All Content”. Which appears to be pulling from every defined Plex Library.

This will always create duplicates in this scenario:

Have Plex Libraries “! Movies” (which in Plex lists all movies in all Plex libraries) as well as “Movies HD”, “Movies SD” and “Movies - Use the Disc”. Yes, sometimes there might be a desire to specifically know if looking for an SD versus HD movie. And not all movies can be successfully, or even might be desired to be, copied up to the server.

Ditto for “! TV”, “TV SD” and “TV HD”.

Probably other valid scenarios, those are what quickly come to mind.

Bottom line, need ability to select/enable specific Plex Libraries. Not merely a take it or leave it against “all”.

Yes it would be nice if it’s possible for Infuse to integrate with Plex on this kind of granular level.

For now I created a free Plex account and then shared my specific folders I wanted to the free Plex account. I then just use the free account details on Infuse when using the Plex Connect feature, which so far seems to work.

That is an interesting idea as a work-around. But I must be missing something in what you’re describing.

I created a “Managed User” account on my Plex server with a subset of the Plex Libraries shared. Which would eliminate the duplicate titles presented / problem.

However, I see no way in Infuse to specify which Plex User to select. It seems to only enable via the master Plex account.

Okay so my current setup is that I have a full Plex Pass account which is my main account, I then created a completely separate new free Plex account so that I could basically share the libraries I want via the Friend method in Plex i.e my ‘free’ friend account only has access to my movies. Then in Infuse (with no shares setup, all meta data cleared etc) I use the Plex Connect feature and, when it asks which Plex account to login to, I use the free friend account so it only picks up the movies folder that I want.

I hope that clarifies things a little?