PLEX (How do I install remote external server)


I am successfully running JB atv2g with all applications but I am not sure how to use PLEX. I can see "Plex" in my menu.

 Now, I am not sure how to add external remote server on my PLEX? I went to Plex forum but didn't find any guide for adding remote external server into atv. I found for Mac OS and iphone. And also it says "PLEX/Nine" so I have also updated my Plex plugin using ssh. I can able to install homw network and I can able to see my Macbook but I can able to see my Windows 7 computers file.

Can someone direct me to proper place for a guide?

Thanks in advance,


IIRC Plex Server is only available on MacOS X, so you will not be able to see your Windows box.  The only way I can think of to do it is add a share on the Windows Box to the Mac and tell Plex on the Mac to  look  in that folder. But that sucks

Or you can set up a DLNA server application (PlayOn is one example of about ten different ones available out there), and start using UPnP to play streamed content.