Plex Home Users - Please support

Dear Infuse Team.

I hope and still waiting for Plex Home User support. Its the only reason i dont upgrade to 6 and staying with 5 pro. Its been anounced for some time now (first 5, now 6) but wasnt added yet. Please support it, i have 3 Plex Home users ( me + my 2 Kids) and they cant use infuse because its linked to my main account. I must use the Plex App for these Apple TVs with all its problems!!! Infuse is so simple and without problems to use at home.

The combination Infuse+Plex us just great and works without problems. Plex for library managing and Infuse as player.

Please add this function.

Best regards



+1 on this

On infuse 5, it was working. The upgrade to 6 broke Plex integration into Infuse.

Native Plex access is even advertised as one of the features.

Please add this. It’s all that’s keeping me from Infuse.

Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

Really want this too. My youngest son will be getting an iPad soon and he can’t use Infuse until Plex Home User support is added due to content restrictions.