Plex gone

Haven’t used my ATV2 jailbroken for awhile. Hooked it up again and noticed Plex is gone. I’m on version 5.3 and Maintenance only has Kodi and NitoTV neither of which I like. I use Plex on my iPhone and iPad no probs and used to be great on my ATV2. Done some googling but haven’t found a way that I can get working. Tried one SSH way but it bombed out and the DNS setting idea didn’t work at all. Is there even a way to do it now?

The Plex plugin was only ever compatible with 5.0.2 at the latest. You’d have to either downgrade to that, to continue using it (and it got too flaky for me) or stay on 5.3 and use Infuse which is just as good, IMO. If you must have Plex then you’ll be wanting to hit the Plex forums for a method which doesnt require jailbreak (but which works with it, IIRC)