Plex files suffer several micro freezing during playback

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I’m using Infuse Pro 6.5.9 on Apple TV 4K. The player is great, but I have some issues regarding playing my plex files (specially 4K but also 1080p): they suffer several micro video freezing (not audio) during playback. And it also happens when playing on plex player (only that time the picture turns green). And it happens in certain parts of the file (not randomly).

I read your foruns, tried all the configurations - but the problem still occurs. Can you give me some guidance?

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So the freeze happens at the same place in the videos all the time?

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Yes at the same places (usually when playing a large 4K file, it happens 4, 5 times at least). The difference is, when playing on native plex player the picture doesn’t freeze like on Infuse, but gets green.

When you’re playing one of these files and it does freeze, can you rewind using the back 10 second control on the remote and have it show the freeze again at the same place?

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Sorry for asking: but when using the Apple TV remote I can only move between chapters not rewinding 10 seconds. How can I do that?

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Never be sorry for asking a question! If you go to Settings and scroll down to Chapter Controls and turn it off you will get a 10 second forward or back with the right or left click of the touch surface on the remote.

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Thanks! I did what you asked, and when the picture froze, I rewinded 10 seconds and after playback, the picture froze again at the same place.

That’s almost a certainty that it’s a file problem if it’s repeatable like that. Do you have the VLC app? It’d be interesting to see if it shows a glitch at the same times in the video as Infuse and Plex.

I tested on the VLC app on my iMac (not sure if you were talking about the Apple TV one). On the file in question there is a glitch although not noticeable as the 4 second freeze on infuse or the green pixelizing on the plex player. On another file I noticed the pixelizing glitch. So, the problem must be with the files?

I’d say it would be the files. Are these files ones you have encoded or downloaded?

Yes, they’re downloaded.

Then I’d say they’re bad encodes. You have to remember that VLC on the iMac is playing directly whereas Infuse on ATV has to buffer and stream over the network so it may have a slightly longer hiccup than when it’s on a local file on iMac. Also the iMac is probably a bit more horsepower than the ATV. :wink:

If the glitches are too bad for you to enjoy the video you may want to find a different source.

I don’t think Infuse is at fault here.

P.S. There is a VLC for the ATV too. I use it to test things just like this on the ATV. :wink:

Thanks for your imput. Infuse is really a great player. These are minor things (due to encoding as you said), but besides that the playback is flawless.

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