Plex files marked watched during thumbnail download

Really wanted to continue my subscription and use infuse with my plex server, but it’s not ready yet. I couldn’t figure out why my on-deck stuff was getting scrambled. After deleting all metadata, I caught infuse “playing” each file to get a thumbnail. Plex would then mark the file “played”.

I’m not sure that is the final extent of the problem I experienced, but I’ve decided to revisit Infuse later this year to see if this particular behavior is resolved.

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When connecting to Plex, did you use the ‘Connect to Plex’ option (which prompts you to enter a code on the Plex website) or did you select your Plex server from the list in the shares menu? If you didn’t enter a code on the Plex website, you may be connecting using DLNA instead of the new Plex integration which could be what is causing this issue.

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Thanks James. I had tried both ways of connecting to Plex server, so perhaps that caused problems. I decided to re-install Infuse and start over. Using the “Connect to Plex” option does avoid the thumbnail gathering.

I’ll try it for another week to see if the on-deck is reliable. If so, then my only criticism is the lack of documentation concerning the plex server. Easily forgiven considering how new that feature is.

BTW, love the direct playback. Works great.

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