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Hello everybody,
I have finished to setup up everything with the brand new Plex integration, which works perfectly through internal access. Performance seems nice, as good as it was through my previous access with Webdav (data and now Plex server are on Synology NAS).
I have now tried to access files and play movies with Infuse while being away from of home. With Webdav access, it worked very smoothly. But through Plex integration, either the file does not load, either it loads for 1 sec and then stops. But on the “server->remote access” configuration in Plex, everything is green and port-forwarding both on Synology and on the modem seems ok.
Do you have any idea why it does not work? Webdav access was really good, both internally and externally, but if I can I would be happy to use the Plex integration.
Thank you for any insights and best,

If you’re having trouble with remote streaming, one thing to check would be your upload bandwidth settings in Plex.

Infuse will currently direct play everything, so having an upload limit below the level of the video you are trying to play can cause issues.

We’re planning to add some smart transcoding options in an upcoming version that will allow for some more flexible remote streaming capabilities, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Thanks fixing upload limit seems to have solved my remote issues.

Thank you, James, that worked!

Will the transcoding be available for other remote options, eg WebDAV. I’m thinking with transcoding Infuse might be a viable Synology DS Video partner/replacement on my iPad when travelling.

The transcoding options we’re planning will require Plex, though you should be able to install the Plex server app on your Synology device.

Thats true, but the Synology may not have enough power to transcode live. For downloading lower res copies to the iPad it may be ok

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