PLEX & ESPN3 Problems (Justin TV)

First of all, I am totally blown away by how much content I have access to since installing aTV Flash on my ATV 2G.  If this is how a beta works, I can't wait until the full release is ready!

Though I'm a newbie (though a techie), I have been able to get a lot of the plex channels to work without much problem.  However, I cannot watch any of the ESPN3 programs.  I can watch it from my mac's client but not from the aTV.  It is basically timing out.  Sometimes the wheel spins for a couple of minutes and returns me to the main menu.  Most times it gives me an error that it couldn't play the content (with yellow '!').

Is anyone else having problems?  Any suggestions/tweaking?

I also wanted to share that I found the justintv.bundle file from the PLEX support forum ( and it works great!  I just tried to get the link right quick and couldn't find it.  Good luck!