Plex Error

Every time I try to play Video_TS folder of a DVD Rip or a MP4 Video file it loads for a few seconds and then I get the error "An error occured while trying to play file, please try again later." So far the only file format I have been able to get working is an AVI format. Does anyone know why I can't play these file types?

Had the same issue. Not sure if the root cause lies within Plex code or not. But for the couple VIDEO_TS folders I had I just transcoded them to .mkv file and now I can watch them in the PLEX plugin.  But I am sure if you have a lot of these folders that is a problem

I did alot of reading and as of yet Video_ts format is not supported by plex for the ATV2. So I'm in the process of handbrakeing them all over with is going to take months. But in the end I forsee it will be worth it.