Plex episode is marked as watched if you cancel playback immediately after episode has started

I have finally decided to switch to smb as source of media and I am quite happy with the change. When this is fixed, I will possibly return to Plex as media source, because it is more convenient for me to manage metadata.

I’ve noticed this even with movies. Yesterday I started playing a movie, after 5 seconds of starting I stopped the movie because they called me on the phone, and after the call, it was marked as watched.

The problem is still present in version 6.2

Same here. For movies and shows.

Well this is disappointing. Going on 3 months now and no fix in sight.

We’ve finally managed to track this down, and should have a fix available in the next update.

Thanks for your patience.


The fix for this is available in todays 6.2.1 update.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi, I can confirm this is fixed in version 6.2.1


Great! Thanks for following-up. :slight_smile:

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