Plex, does computer need to be on?

Ok, messed around and bought the wrong server, and seems I need plex to stream to my appleTV4K, and the one I need is a bit out of my budget. So, do I have to keep my computer on in order to stream my media threw plex on the infuse app on appleTV? To me this defeats the purpose. JMO

If you’re connecting via a Plex share then yes, it needs to be on.
Plex is not necessary to run Infuse but you do need a server to provide the files to the ATV.

How would you share files without the computer that has the files on it being up and running?

Your right, i forgot to point out that I have a WD MyCloud home server. Also, since the server is connected to the internet, and always running, with plex are you able to stream files away from home?

You mention you have a WD Mycloud Home. That device is able to download the Plex Server app and have it run from the Mycloud. So if that drive is always on, then you should be able to have Infuse connect to that Plex server instance to get your files.

I had the 8TB Mycloud Home (for about 2 days) until i realised it wasn’t the same as the original Mycoud which works like a NAS. Took it back to the store.
Good luck with yours

I know what you mean. Was actually setting this up for a friend, and on testing it plex is slow, doesn’t keep my movie collections in folders, and if you want to make your own folders it doesn’t allow that either. 1 small positive, is that on infuse on the appleTV, it shows up as a share without connecting to plex, and that seems to be faster. I prefer. My WD MyCloud PR 4100 32TB. It does what I want, and is much faster at loading content. I thought I was buying the 8TB MyCloud model that I got a couple years ago, but it seems that one is no longer sold.