Plex didn't solve infuse issue

Since infuse won’t give us a smart collection option, I decided to use Plex with infuse.
It did give me the ability to show a smart collection from Plex.
Now I find Plex has it’s own issues as by limiting collections to one library. Because of my multi sources, Plex made me have a library for each source. Therefore I have 3 separate movie libraries that don’t work together, each with their own separate smart collection.
If a one library Plex works for you, this feature is great. Thought I would pass this along incase someone else was trying to do what I tried.
Looks like 2 movie apps together can’t do this one simple option.


Apologies, I know this isn’t a Plex forum, but…

Are your files local but just on different drives? The reason I ask is my files are spread between mapped drives (all on local LAN) and I am able to add them all to one library? When I added the library and then the folder, I have the option to add another folder and it populates the library from both folders?

Or I am not understanding your issue correctly (which is entirely possible…)

I forgot one piece of information, my sources are three NAS drives. Each can have a library like your example, but not all in one library.
I suppose I should have bought one huge nas drive at the start and I wouldn’t have this

So, Plex is installed on the NAS? Which if I understand is three PLex servers (essentially)

Plex is installed on my laptop.

So if you map the drives to each NAS on the laptop, you should be able to add the multiple sources to one library like I did?


Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know about network mapping, so I’m trying it out.

The network mapping was what I was missing.
Thanks again for the tip, glad this form is available to help even if the issue was not with infuse.