Plex Connection Issue

Having an issue connecting to a Plex Share I have access to; this share I guess is behind a reverse proxy or something that causes the direct Plex url to not work? I haven’t really looked into it but basically Infuse is not able to connect to this Plex server now and just times out.

Since this is happening even with Infuse 6, my guess is this is a change on the Plex share’s Plex server setup. I can confirm my own Plex server does correctly connect as well as another Plex share I have.

Any ideas/ how can I provide logs for this?

You may try removing and re-adding the Plex connection, as this will ensure Infuse has the latest security token.

If the issue persists, it would be best to submit a report and post the 5 digit code here.

Yeah I tried removing and readding but the issue persists, just with this one server. Here’s the Code 1FQCF.

after checking network traffic my guess is this share is hardcoded to block Infuse connections(returning 403) to their plex server. I guess there is nothing you can do then

Edit - confirmed this by sideloading Infuse and renaming the bundle identifier and appname - can now successfully connect and play/download videos from this Plex share.

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