Plex connection better?

After infuse not satisfied works for me especially the watchlist(see my very long watchlist thread), I want to know if a plex connection works better? Does infuse use the watchlist of plex or also an own watchlist?

Best wisches

Now I had a look into plex. And I found it much better than infuse :

  • Better finding Metadata (for movies and tv Shows, without no Manual editing, in Infuse I spend Hours for editing tv Shows).
  • Better watchlist/Playlist. It works as it should, Infuse watchlist is Buggy.
  • I like the design more than the design of infuse.
  • I can use it also on Android and Windows PC.

So I say goodbye to infuse and install the plex app on my apple tv. My Monthly subscripe to infuse I will cancel.
This happens because infuse was not able to spend time to my watchlist Problems.

Best wishes

Good Luck, hope the PMS is not running on a low spec Synology and your files are already encoded in a way, that they can be directly played. Otherwise you’ll probably experience a lot of buffering when transcoding kicks in)

(Yes I know, that the new Plex ATV App can direct play a lot of formats, but this is only available to Plex Pass users and as far as I have heard is not working as good as Infuse)

Does the plex client support HDR? Last time I checked the client was a mess when it came to HDR.

I don’t watch 4k HDR movies with Plex or infuse. My only 4k HDR content I have buyed with itunes and so I have to watch it with apple tv 4k.

A further advantage of Plex : I can mark all movies as watched with one click. This is a feature I don’t understand why infuse is not able to do this. If someone new to infuse and has import thousands of movies, then he hast to mark each movie as watched. This is a work for hours.

Best wishes

Now I have setup my plex server. And what should I say. It is a dream. It works perfect. The handling is so much better as infuse (I can mark seasons, episodes, tv shows, movies and then with one click toggle between watched or unwatched. I have not to do this for 1400 single movies ). The videos (HD and SD) are playing without problems. Finally I have a complete unwatch list. And the scanning of libraries is very very fast.

Best wishes