Plex configuration

I am having problems configuring Plex on my ATV2.  I have three hard drives connected to my time capsule and am trying to get plex to see the time capsule.


The capsule has a username and a password, however every combination of username/password/ip address or hostname fails to make a connection.  Would be grateful for any assistance.

Plex on ATV2 is only a 'client', not a standalone media player. You need Plex Media Server running on a mac or PC to serve media to the ATV2 Plex client.

It may seem like an odd way to do things, but it works well for certain situations.

PLEX Media server on the WIN7 platform is functional.  Just not sure what I get out of the PLEX solution, other than drop down menus of my movies.   Guess I need to read some FAQ on how to optimize PLEX on the ATV2 platform.


Plex isn't for everyone.  I guess their thinking is, you have one server that can be accessed from multiple machines.  This way you only have to configure/scrape your media once rather that on each machine.  It's also a hell of a lot easier doing this on a computer with a keyboard rather than on a TV and remote control.  Also, it allows for access multiple servers, even remote ones.

Previously versions of Plex worked more akin to XBMC, where you had to set up your sources and scrape within the program itself on your TV.  Transcoding various file formats was also handled directly in the media player rather than on the server.  I think for some of us, this worked better as you didn't need a computer running to watch anything.  I wish they would still offer this functionality for those of us that don't want to run a media server.

However, the plus side of running the media server is that when you wipe and upgrade the ATV firmware, you won't have to rescrape all your movies, like you do with XBMC.