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I’ve been using InFuse for some time now.

I’m fairly difficult to please and tend to stop using products fairly soon after starting with them, often for fairly minor reasons.
So the fact that I’m still using InFuse is, although it might not sound like it, is a compliment to James.

Anyway, onto the request to James.

I’m posting to ask if the “Plex Collections” support priority can be moved up a bit.

I find viewing my movies fairly difficult without this grouping becuase there are fair number off them and collections usually group them differently to the general display.
For example the James Bond Collection (I think 24 of them) movies are all over the place and out of order so I have no idea where I’m at if I want to watch them from start to finish.

Anyway, its a “please” implement this sooner rather than later, it makes browsing the movie library so much better!



There’s a suggestion thread already running that you may want to add your support to here.

I’d be happy to just have InFuse get the Plex collections information to start with.

Moving to suggestions. Thanks!

I’d really love to see this as well, or at least just getting the Collections from Plex. Ideally it would work like Collections do in the Plex client, where it can show all the collections + movies not in collections, but hide the movies that are in collections from the top level.

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I purchased and received my appleTv 4k today for the sole purpose of installing Infuse to play 4k movies. I’ve researched and found good things about this combination. I upgraded to pro account. I like the app however, I was expecting to see my plex collections. I can’t seem to see any collections? Disappointed that I don’t see my Plex collections. But I understand this is planned for future release.

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Yes please, we need Plex Collections, it is very difficult to browse movies without grouping.

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Agreed, this would be great!

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Is there anyupday on this? I’ve got about 500 Custom Collections in Plex, and I’d like to use them in Infuse, gets really frustrating for me and I have plex’s transcoding and buffering :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

It’s on Firecore’s radar. You can see all of the features that are currently in the development list here Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23)

Lets be honest, it’s on your radars since, months, maybe more than a year. I’m sorry you’re content with that kind of answer, it gives the impression that it’s not going to happen soon…

If I understand correctly, it works without Plex, but not with it, too bad for me who installed Plex on your recommendation

Please note, that NC Bullseye is NOT a Firecore Employe

Ok, no problem, but the point remains the same

I would also like this feature added. It would help tidy my Plex library.

I’m disappointed that even after the upgrade to Infuse Pro 6, Plex collections still can’t be imported. Not noticing much in the upgrade that actually makes it worthy of jumping to a new major version. I really prefer Infuse over the Plex client on my Apple TV 4K, but do miss the Plex collections greatly.

Another feature I’d like to see is customization of the settings applied to each share/library. For example, turn on List View, Continuous Playback, Embedded Metadata for personal files like pictures and home movies, and Grid view, Forced subtitles only for my DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD media.

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I’d like to add my voice to the choir here and request Plex collections being added.

I don’t know if it’s not working in Infuse 6 anymore, but it used to group my movies together automatically… no more. Collections are gone appareantly.

Plex Collections is planned for 6.1.

Does 6.1 seem to be taking way to long to submit to apple ?

It hasn’t been submitted yet.


I’m not using Plex anymore ?