Plex Collections Sorting

Great job on the Plex Collections feature, I’m super happy it’s there!

One Quick suggestion though… we could use custom sorting for each collection or preferably use the default Plex sorting for each collection.

Thanks again!


@CDubs Sorry, for the off topic, but how did you make the collections work ? After the update I see no difference. The only related setting I found is “use collections” and it is on, but still - functionally and visually there is no sign of my Plex collections - the movies aren’t grouped by collection and I there is no filter by collection either or whatever other use of a collection there might be. So, how this works actually ?

I guess first question I have, do you have collections built on your Plex server?

If Yes, which device are you using iOS or tvOS?

Hahahahaha … yes, I have. For now I managed to check it on iOS on my tablet and as I mentioned - no signs of them on it (I see them well working in the Plex client app on the same device). Will check later the tvOS app when I get to my AppleTV 4K later today.

If on in settings in iOS go to the Search tab on the bottom (Browse). In there you should see Collections.

Agreed! Finally having Plex Collections is great! Now if we could just have Infuse use the Collection Sort Order that you can set within Plex it would be perfect!

@joro_abv Plex collections are visible in Library

@thierrym Yes, we already put it to discussion here : Plex collections visible when browsing Plex libraries. Thanks for the tip anyway ;-).

Thanks for the feedback.

We’re looking into this.

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Thanks James!

Otherwise loving the collections!

Any movement on this?

This has been added, and will be available soon in the upcoming 6.2.3 release.

Thanks for your patience.

This is available in today’s 6.2.3 update.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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