Plex Collections not working properly anymore

Hi all,

Not sure if this has been caused by a recent update, to either Plex (server recently upgraded to or Infuse (Pro on TvOS Version 7.6.4), but I’m having a problem with how my movie collections are working in infuse pro on TvOS.

They used to work fine but now, in the “films” list I see all my movies, regardless of whether or not they are in collections, and I don’t see any collections in this list. My collections are all still there as, when I go to the collections list in “Library” they are still there and all correct.

I’ve tried rescanning my library, clearing the metadata cache, deleting and re-adding my plex server to my library, and the result is always the same.

Anyone any ideas on how to get my collections back in the “films” list?


edit: also, just to add, I use Infuse Pro on MacOS and iOS too, and on both of those, with the same plex server, collections still function correctly in the films list, same way they used to on TvOS