PLEX Collections not showing

Hi All,

I have multiple collections in PLEX but for some reason they do not appear in infuse.
I do have Collections switched to “On” in Infuse. Tried reinstalling Infuse app but that didn’t help.


They should appear under Infuse Library → Movies → Collections

Yes they should but for some reason I get empty folder message.


Did you connect to Plex using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option, or did you select the Plex server from the list of ‘Available Shares’.

When selecting the Plex server from the list of shares, you’ll be connecting to Plex via DLNA, which will include a limited features. Using the Connect to Plex option is the recommended method.

Hi James,

I used connect to Plex feature since my FreeNAS server is in EU and I’m in US currently.
Wit the latest Infuse update one collection showed up but it disappeared in few seconds.


I’m having the same issue. Connected to Plex via “Plex protocol” but no collections showing (collections folder in library is empty).

I’ve been waiting for this feature for quite a while… any tricks to get it to work?

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