Plex Collections - Mixed Results in Films

I’m using Infuse an an iPad and Apple TV and in both devices some of my film collections are not shown in the list of films.
For example in All Films 28 Days/Weeks Later, Aliens, Ant-Man collections are shown correctly, but others like Anchorman, Back To The Future and Bad Boys aren’t.
Those collections are all shown in the Collections view though.
Is there something missing from my Plex collections settings to make Infuse recognise them correctly in the Infuse apps?

What options do you have selected in Settings > Collections and Groups?

With the ‘Group Movies into Collections’ option enabled, you will see collections in All Movies and Collections sections. With this off, they would appear as individual titles in All Movies.

Hi, see my screenshots below. Option is on but I have mixed results in the Films view. You can see it has picked up the collections properly in the Collections view

Here’s the Collections view

And the Options for completeness