Plex Collections for TV Shows and other videos

Any update on tv show collections?

Hey @james hope you’re doing well. The tv show collections and tv show smart collections you mentioned were being worked on for future release. Any rough release date? It’s the only thing holding me back from using infuse mainly <3

Came here to make this suggestion, found this thread and liked the first post. I see it’s “planned”, but I’m a little worried about the lack of updates. Is it still in the works?

I guess not? I see no movement on this in months. That sucks cause it’s literally the one last thing that would make Infuse great for me. That and retaining Plex collection sort order. Apparently that was working at one point over a year ago and then went away silently.

Can we get an update on this, please @james ? In Plex I have all the Planet Earth TV shows grouped together or Animation/Cartoon shows grouped together but in Infuse it’s a mess with shows scattered everywhere.

There is no way this doesn’t bother you if you have Movie Collections nice and organized and TV collections all scattered about.

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looks like this feature is not planned yet. Upcoming Features (updated 1/28/23)
the thread was created almost 3 years ago :confused:

Note that this thread is tagged as “planned” so it is on the devs radar.

You can see what the tags for suggestions mean here.


This is definitely a must have feature. Hoping for it!


We are heading for 4 years of the request. I think hope is the only thing left indeed :joy:

And yet you haven’t voted for it, it seems?

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I don’t think is lack of interest from the public that is keeping this feature away. It has 3k page views and 40 likes, which is considerable for the size of the forum. My like will not change anything four years later after it was posted.
But there you go, I voted for it.

Please don’t get me wrong as I desperately want this feature too and voted for it.
However, you mention 40 likes? It currently has 27?

At least 4 or 5 others have typed plenty of words saying how much they want this but also didn’t vote so they may well have just said they didn’t want it.

I won’t even go into the twisted logic of page views.

Yeah actually I will.

If it actually had any relevance then it simply implies that of all those 3k views then basically a tiny percentage want/care about this feature. Same goes for the 4 year time period.
In 4 years 27 people said they want this feature.

That’s the issue.
Again I want this feature so bad and I didn’t intend to single you out personally (you were just the last to comment without voting.)

I just don’t get the general logic though.
A few seconds to read a feature request then a millisecond to click a like button. Job done.

I don’t understand why some users (not you personally) would rather type a few paragraphs of disdain at something not being implemented whilst never having said they wanted it (at least in the only way that matters.)
The mods especially @NC_Bullseye goes out of his way to point out the step required to vote for a feature often.


And just to add, I said it before (maybe another thread), we only just got trailers and multiple versions added to 7.5 and those were the top voted wishlist items and were 6 years old or so


That rate of evolution makes me hopeful at least one of my top dozen or so greatest annoyances with Infuse will finally be fixed before the youngest of my not-yet-conceived children graduates college. :upside_down_face:

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Does anyone know if this planned feature includes Smart Collection? Would be nice to have it too. Including the sort order which includes random order exclusive to Smart Collections/Playlist.

The Plex Smart Movie Collection which was added last year is broken since it doesn’t follow the sort order. Plex Smart Collections - Suggestions - Firecore
Currently “researching” status Plex Smart Collection order incorrect - General - Firecore so hopefully whatever fixes the Movie gets will be used for this.

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I‘m waiting for this feature too. It‘s the only reason why I don‘t switch to infuse.
Can you please tell me when we can expect this feature?

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Also waiting for this in order to have TV-series well organized…

Have we any news on this feature?

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Hello Infusions… we’re still waiting?

I’m not being sarcastic or facetious, but this makes me wonder why this is so difficult this is to implement. From the outside, as a non-developer who has little idea what it really takes to create such wonderful software, it seems like such a simple thing. It feels like the collections are mostly being handled by Plex and the work is already done on some level within Infuse to have incorporated movie collections. It feels as though it should be as simple as toggling an option and there we go! :joy:

I know there’s got to be a reasonable explanation why this is so difficult, and there have certainly been larger features added to Infuse that were probably a much better use of the developers time and impacted more users. Still, it’s hard to watch the years tick by without any updates, timeline or even comment on the progress that might have been made. It’s wild how quickly my Infuse library is increasingly looking so cluttered and how much more awkward it is to use compared to my tidy and organized Plex library. I’ll just keep hoping that this is going to surprise drop in the next update… or the next… or the next.

I think the problem is the work Infuse did to incorporate movie collections is already being used for TV episodes — TV series in Infuse seem to be analogous to collections of individual TV episodes as Movie Collections are collections of individual movies.

If that’s the case, to collect multiple TV series together, you’d need to make a collection of collections. :man_shrugging:t2: