Plex Collections for TV Shows and other videos (AppleTV & iOS)

As currently Plex Collections are only for movies I would like to see the full functionality of Plex Collections applied to Infuse in a similar way as it now works int the Plex AppleTV App. (This may also apply to iOS as well).

In Plex Collections are associated with libraries. (TV Shows, Movies, Other Videos etc.)

  1. Add Shows to a new or existing Collection in Plex. (see Attachment Plex1)
  2. Confirm your shows are in the Collection. (see Attachment Plex2)
  3. Screenshots of Collection on Plex App on AppleTV. (see Attachments PlexATV1 & PlexATV2)

Application of Collections

  1. Groups of TV Shows you are watching occasionally. (may not show up in up next lists)
  2. Groups of your Favorites.
  3. Group of Kids shows.
  4. I have a lot of Sports videos. I would like to separate them into Collections like BlackHawks, Cubs, Steelers etc.
  5. I have many Family videos. I could create Collections like By year or event etc. All family xmas videos ect.

As you can see there are lots of possibilities. Please add comments to this thread with your thoughts.


Couldn’t agree more. I’m currently switching between Infuse and the official Plex App waiting the full implementation of collections.

Same, we need collections to be implemented for ‘other’ as it is in Plex itself, doesn’t make sense to only implement for movies…

Yeah, I also sent a suggestion here about 8 months ago, and it hasn’t even been acknowledged by anyone on the Infuse staff.

That’s the single stuff that’s making me not use Infuse AT ALL for animes and Other Videos, in which I require Collections for proper sorting.

Yes please! I have all my TV shows in collections by networks and I would love to have a favorite row of them displayed in infuse. Please add Plex TV show collection support.

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With the introduction of smart collections in Plex have ditched those playlists for video all together, only to realise that I still need the playlists for infuse. Support for universal collections is a no brainer

Such a simple thing, but not a whisper after almost 2 years…