Plex collection sorting

Hello. I thought I saw a post where it was mentioned that 6.2.3 added support for Infuse using the sort order set on a Plex collection, instead of always sorting by release date, but I can’t seem to make that work. Was I mistaken about that addition, is there a trick to enable it, or something else? This capability not being there / working makes the “Christmas Movies” collection more difficult to use.

This is available, though if you may need to use the Refresh option on these titles in Infuse to ensure the latest info is pulled down from Plex.

I did try using Refresh on the collections themselves, but that didn’t make a difference. When I got home tonight I tried refreshing each title individually and that didn’t seem to do it either. I also tried rebooting the aTV, but also no change.

Does it not like having multiple movies with the same name in the collection when sorting by title (“A Christmas Carol” in this case)?

Refresh definitely didn’t fix it (I tried refreshing individual movies, the collection, and the library). The collection has 2 different versions of A Christmas Carol, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Yogi’s First Christmas, Arthur Christmas, and others, but even though I’ve set it to sort by title and not year, in Infuse it always shows by year (when viewed via the Plex app or the Plex web GUI it sorts correctly by title). FWIW, Infuse on iPad does sort it correctly.

Did you ever get it to work?
On my iPad & Plex itself it sorts via title but on my Apple TV all movies in collection are by year & the best part: if I change the year from the movie, the movie moves in the collection immediately. So infuse does know the data, it just ignores it.
Deleting all metadata or reinstalling the app didn’t help.

Unfortunately no, it still doesn’t work. I’ve even replaced my aTV (the old one died), and still no go. Thankfully it will only bother me again in November when Christmas movie time comes around, but the lack of a fix for this is depressing.

I just saw that the sorting is correct everywhere else. So you could create a playlist or filter the movies per genre…