Plex Cloud Server

I am encountering a problem, I just upgraded to Infuse Pro, and I want watch shows from a Plex server.

I go to Shares, connect to Plex, link my account, then choose the Server I want to connect to.

It says checking connection for around 3 minutes then I get an error “Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect”

Any recommendations on how to fix that?

Infuse does not support Plex cloud server

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I believe it was added in yesterday’s update. Otherwise, why am I getting the option to add it?

Plex cloud support was not added in the last update check release notes

Actually, I just tried it on a friend’s Apple TV and it worked, so the issue is only on my Apple TV and that clearly means it is supported.

Just to be clear, am trying to connect to a shared Plex server.

Ah ok! It’s because your post says “Plex cloud server” which isn’t supported, maybe change your post title so it’s clear you’re trying to connect to a shared or remote Plex server.

It must be a network issue if infuse Plex integration works on your friends Apple TV, was Your Apple TV and your friends Apple TV on the same local network or different local network? When trying to connect to the Plex server.

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