Plex Client Questions

Looking into getting AppleTV Flash for the Plex Client as I have all my movies already in the Plex Movie Server and I already stream them to all my iOS devices.

I wanted to know this:

  • The Plex for AppleTV team releases updates to Plex kind of often .... How do I update the version of Plex that ships with AppleTV Flash in the future ?
  • What is the version of Plex Client that ships with Apple TV Flash ? or when installing Plex as a third party ... it goes to the official Plex for Apple TV website and downloads the latest version ?

Thx guys ! :slight_smile:


Lots of people viewing, no one replying … :frowning:
Either no one uses Plex with AppleTV Flash or nobody cares to reply

While we’re not involved with the Plex project, the latest version of Plex will always be available through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. Installing/updating Plex (as well as other items) is a one-click process through this menu.

The video below is a little dated, but it gives you an idea of how installs and updates are handled on the AppleTV.

Thx for the reply James !!! thats what I was looking for :slight_smile:

plex menu does not appear after all the lasted updates.

can anyone confirm or tell me what might went wrong?


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It looks like Plex needs an update for the new 4.3 software. Should be an easy fix for them.

Same Problem here… I also cannot see PLEX after upgrading even though I have installed PLEX


Any idea when Plex is going to do this update?  I am having the same problem here.